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General Instructions for participation in various events of ‘Envisage'19’ (For all events)

DAY 1(15th March)

Coding Sprint(Co-dennis)
Tech Wizard
Treasure Hunt
Google Cloud Study Jam
Sacred Games(Lan Gaming)
The Siteshow

DAY 2(16th March)

Sacred Games(Lan Gaming)
Robo Race
Tech Charades
Oblivion CTF
Binging Bad
Lord of the Memes

About Envisage

							Institute of Informatics & Communication, University Of Delhi South Campus (IIC, UDSC) is proud to present its annual open source technical festival, ENVISAGE '19 which is a national event, to be held on 15-16 March 2019. 

							Spread over two days of unending technical exposure, Envisage 2019 will host a plethora of events, exhibitions for the palate of every technically inclined person. For the technically naive we have a fun rail waiting to churn the coal and spread out surprises.

About IIC

Established in 1997, Institute of Informatics & Communication (IIC), University of Delhi, provides studies in the field of informatics, which is essentially a blend of three domains: networking, telecommunication and software.
							 Masters of Science ( Informatics) in DU is the space where networking , telecommunication and software collate to enable its students to cater to the growing demands of the industry and to emerge as IIC-ians with a brand mark of their own.
  • IIC offers degrees in Masters of Science(Informatics) and PhD(Research). Over the years, IIC has grown remarkably in its stature and accomplishments with a dedicated pursuit of excellence, academic integrity and accountability.
  • Providing a holistic approach, students are free to explore and further enhance the fields of networking, telecommunication and software with in-depth knowledge about data processing, programming languages and system analysis.
  • A mutual relationship is fostered between the faculty and students that allows the institute to move away from the conventional and includes not only classroom lectures but also tutorials, projects , assignments , seminars , presentations and ICT based learning.
Visit our website for more info.

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Institute of Informatics and Communication
South Campus(University of Delhi), South Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

  • AAKASH DABAS--- +91-8512040709
  • SUBHASH CHANDRA--- +91-8130662993
    Write to us at:
  • Name of nearest(walking distance, 15-minutes) Metro station is "South Campus"(pink line)
  • Name of nearest(walking distance, 15-minutes) Bus Stand is "ARSD" and "Satya-Niketan"

Oblivion CTF


							Hacking is not just a skill. It's an art. Do you get Your high from pawning machines? Then this is the place for you! Showcase your art by pawning our machines and win great prizes.


							Oblivion CTF(capture the flag) 

							Show your hacking skills in a realistic environment where the goal is to fully compromise, « root » the host !

							You are facing a vulnerable environment into an internet network. You have to find out some vulnerabilities in the security system for penetrating it and capture all the flag.
							Games act as follow:
							- Each player will be given a virtual environment(Kali shell)
							- CTF start when all players are ready (one player minimum and 2 player maximum in a team) 
							- Virtual environment to attack is available at ctf0X.root-me where X is the room number 
							- Each team has to capture all the flags in the limited amount of time
							- Game stop when someone uses the validation flag or when the maximum "woot time" is reached
							- Team which captures all the the flag in minimum amount of time or maximum flag in that alloted time will be declared as winner.
							-No attackers will be allowed to attack the hosting machine otherwise their team will be disqualified





							Students from different colleges and universities will present their project/product/prototype made by them in the field Of IOT, AI, Robotics, Automation, Agriculture Robotics and will compete on the basis of IP, Innovation, Scalability, Social Impact. Top 3 presentations will be selected as winners. Some instant prize money and further support and guidance can be provided to them.


Coding Sprint(Co-dennis)


							CODING SPRINT(Co-dennis):

							-Martin Fowler
							Coding sprint is an online programming event which tests your logical,
							mathematical and basic programming skills. It gives you a platform to
							showcase your coding skills in a series of some exhilarating events:
							1. Blind Coding
							2. Programmer’s Date
							3. Coup de bug(Debugging)
							4. Jack of All Trades


							General Information:
1. Platform: Hackerrank (All participants are advised to signup for
Hackerrank before the event)
2. Points for each event
3. Team size: 1
4. Prizes upto INR 15,000


Sacred Games(Lan Gaming)

								What's the deal?
Sacred Games is gaming gathering at Envisage'19,
The two-day occasion offers PUBG, FIFA and CS:GO tournaments on the top of exciting giveaways and other activities.
Bhagwaan ko maante ho...?


READ Description before registering



The matches will be played in two modes: 1. SOLO MODE (Individual Players) 2. SQUAD MODE (4 Players in a team, individual can also join in) Only MOBILE players are allowed. Emulator players are not allowed, if found joining a room with emulators that person will be DISQUALIFIED HACKING is not allowed. If found doing so, the team(s) or the person(s) will be DISQUALIFIED. Team(s) or Individuals will be prized for final match only. Game can be played from anywhere on the day and time of the event, you will be notified either by whatsapp or mail. Take a screenshot of your results when a match ends. We may ask for a screenshot before giving prizes. Entry fees and prizes for matches Entry Fees: ₹20 per Player SOLO Match Entry Fees: ₹100 per SQUAD Match (If an individual is playing a squad match full entry fees for saquad match is required) UPI Payment VPA: 9718997732@paytm PAYTM :9718997732 Take a screenshot of your payment and your pubg profile for solo, of every member for squad match and send it to along with whatsapp number. (once verified you will receive a confirmation mail) PRIZES SOLO: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Rank 1): ₹2000 SOLO Matches will be played only if we receive at least 40 Solo registrations per game else the players will be shifted to another SOLO Matches PRIZES SQUAD: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Rank 1): ₹4000 Rank 2: ₹2000 SQUAD Matches will be played only if we receive at least 15 Squad registrations per game else the players will be shifted to another SQUAD Match.


"The brave will take to the pitch as warriors to battle, shoulder to shoulder, face to face. The hunger, the determination to push limits, to fight, to run, tackle, defend, attack, score and celebrate.“ Entry Fee: INR 100 Prize Money: winner: INR 5000 Runner-Up: INR 2000 Institute of Informatics and Communication proudly presents FIFA tournament at Envisage’19. FIFA needs no introduction. It's a series of football games released annually by Electronic Arts under EA Sports label. RULES: 1.The competition will be on FIFA 18. Matches will be played 1 on 1. 2.There is a registration fee of INR 100 per participant. 3.Controllers will be provided by us. Mishandling can lead to legal action against the participant. It is the responsibility of all players to be familiar with the controller’s functions and mode of operation. 4.If a controller is defective, a player can pause the game and notify the coordinator only once, if the player agrees the problem is fixed he may not pause again. 5.The referee will determine the controller status in making such a decision. If a Player plays with a defective controller, all results are nevertheless valid. 6.Any club team (except Classic XI, World XI and Adidas All-Stars) can be chosen. Both players can select the same team. 7.Custom Formations and editing player position within a formation is not allowed. 8.Selecting Tactics are allowed before the match starts. 9.All the matches will be knock out. 10.3 min time will be given for choosing the team and lineups, and players will play with the same team for the rest of the competition. 11.Match length will be conveyed on the day of competition. 12.In semifinals and final, away match rule will be applied. 13.Any discrepancy committed results in player debarred from the competition. 14.Coordinators’ decision will be final, no argument will be entertained. 15.Rules are subject to change without any prior notification.


“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.” -Winston Churchill FREE ENTRY Prize Money: Winner: INR 4500 Runner-Up: INR 2500 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. The game pits two teams against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other while also completing separate objectives. The Terrorists, depending on the game mode, must either plant the bomb or defend the hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists must either prevent the bomb from being planted, defuse the bomb, or rescue the hostages. RULES: A knife round will determine who will start as Counter-Terrorists (CT) and as Terrorists (T) or side can be decided by tossing a coin. Matches will be played 5 on 5. The map list for the tournament will be informed by the organizers on the day of the tournament or it will be kept random. Automatic snipers (Scar-20 (CT), AUG (CT), SG 553 (T), G3SG1 (T)) are strictly prohibited. Any team found using any of the mentioned weapons would be disqualified immediately from the competition. General settings: Starting Money: $800 Round Time: Default Freeze Time: Default Buy Time: 15 seconds Friendly Fire: ON Team collision: ON A match consists of 30 rounds. Each team has to play 15 rounds as Counter-Terrorists (CT) and 15 rounds as Terrorists (T). The team winning 16 rounds out of 30 wins the match. *If a stalemate occurs after 30 rounds (15:15), one (1) or more overtimes decides the winner of the match. Participants can bring their own mouse, headphones, keyboard and mouse pad. Nothing other than these items are allowed to be plugged into the system. If disconnection occurs during a match then scores till the last round will continue and starting money will be decided by the organizers. Under no circumstances silent plants are allowed; whether accidentally or intentionally. If any of the members is absent then no replacement will be allowed and teams will have to compete with the remaining members. If a team is not ready to start a game in time, the following punishments will be applied by the referee: 10 minutes late: Default loss for the first 5 rounds. 20 minutes late: Default loss for the whole match. Rules are subject to change without any prior notification. Rule Violation & Punishment: Breaking of the rules or ignoring the order of an admin may result in a penalty for the whole team. Punishment will be decided by the admin. Possible Team Punishments Default Loss for one game Default Loss for the whole match Score Reduction or advantage to opposition team. Permanent ban from the competition. Prizes & Prize Distribution: All prize money transfers are handled via bank transfer or by cheque. Other payment methods are not accepted. The prize money will only be transferred to the team leader. The team leader has to make sure every member of his team will get his adequate percentage of the prize money

Tech Wizard


							Do you like to geek about technology? Do you have pent up tech knowledge that you have been saving up to showcase it to the world? Then Tech wizard is the place to be.

							It is an IT Quiz Competition

Unleash your inner nerd

Team Size - at most 2
Rounds - 2
Instructions/Rules -
● First Round will be a Prelims Round from which top 6 teams will qualify for the Finals
● Finals Decision rests upto Organising Team
● Use of Mobile Phones and internet is not allowed

Treasure Hunt


							Venue- outside canteen
							Date & Time:-March'15  at  4:00 PM
							Description:-  there will be riddles with some technical touch, you need to solve them one by one to make a step ahead for your destination ,the team who gain maximum displacement will be considered as winner.
							Members: maximum of 4 people allowed in a team


Robo Race


The participants can participate individually or in a team of two.
1. The rover Should be operated and controlled wirelessly. No wired control will be allowed.

2. The rovers should be made using DC motors only. (NOT BLDC) 

3. The rover size should not exceed 10*7 inches. (L*B)

4. Participants won't be allowed to touch the rovers while they're on track.

5. A perfect combination of good control and speed will let you win this game.


The Siteshow


							"Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it." 
							- Patrick McKenzie

							The SiteShow is a web-application design event, where participants have to build functional web-app based on problem statement during the challenge. It is a chance to showcase your technical skills as well as creativity.


A problem statement will be provided in the challenge. You will have to build a functional app, based on the question. It should be a web app.

			1st Prize: 10,000 INR
			2nd Prize: 6,000 INR
Time Slot for Event: 15th March 18:00 Hrs to 16th March 6:00 hrs 

Problem comprises the following:
a. Essential feature sets that you need to build
b. List of good-to-have features
c. A visual description of the problem statement

Note: While these are not mandatory, you can earn extra points if you build them.
After you have built your application, you must do the following:
a. Zip the source files
b. Upload the zipped file via the upload option that is specified in the problem statement

The submissions will be evaluated manually by an expert based on the following parameters:
a. The functionality of the app
b. Design aesthetics
c. Code quality
d. Presentation

1. Use of content management Systems and WYSIWYG are not allowed.

2. You are allowed to use frameworks though.

3. Time duration: 12 hours

4. No laptops/PCs will be provided, you have to bring your own.

5. Internet connection: Yes it will be provided, still you are advised to bring your own as University's internet has certain limits(as a part of security enhancements) 

6. Use of internet is allowed. You can use StackOverflow and other platforms to help yourself. 

7. But plagiarism is not allowed. If we find a significant amount of your code being copied from any website or any other source, Candidature will be cancelled.  

8. After submission, there will be a presentation(technical). Each groups will be provided 5 minutes of the time to present themselves.

9. No extra time will be provided for presentation.

10. Media interface provided for presentation will be VGA and HDMI. If you are using type-C , thunderbolt or any other type of interface, then you are supposed to bring your own converter module to convert the same into VGA or HDMI. 

1. Where is the challenge happening?
This challenge can be completed online or offline. In both cases, you have to be present at the Venue i.e. IIC, UDSC

2. Where can I host my application?
There are many free cloud providers such as AWS, OpenShift, or Heroku that you can use to host your application.

3. What happens if I indulge in plagiarism?
At IIC, we take cheating/plagiarism very seriously. It will lead to disqualification.

4. After I have submitted the task, can I come back and change my submission?

*All these guidelines are subject to change, IIC is the Final Authority in all matters.

“Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file.”

General Rules

  • Stationery, Electronic devices, Laptops, Mobile phones, Robots, Internet Connection and any other special requirements etc will not be provided and will not be compensated for as well. Kindly bring your own.
  • All the accompanists and participants must have their identity card of their respective institute at time of participation.
  • Fill the registration form to participate in an event.
  • Schedule(Date/time) of events are subject to change, Participants are required to keep checking the envisage website.
  • Organizers will not be responsible for the security participants’ personal belongings.
  • All the participants are required to get themselves registered; else, they will not be entertained.
  • All participants are required to be on time else their registration will stand cancelled.
  • IIC is final authority in selection of winners and all other matters.



A crypto-quize Competition

Cryptography is the study of ways to convert information from its normal, comprehensible form
into an obscured guise, unreadable without special knowledge — the practice of encryption.

Now you have to do opposite of it. Show off your cryptography skills to overcome our challenges

Team Size at most 2

Rounds - 2

Instructions/Rules -
● First Round will be a Prelims Round from which top 6 teams will qualify for the Finals
● Finals Decision rests upto Organising Team
● Use of Mobile Phones and internet is not allowe


Tech Charades


							Let's make tech a little fun! The Tech Charades will have three rounds, each involving acting certain technical words, logo or question/answer and having your teammates guess them for you.


							1.    Technical terms  -

							a) Each team will be provided with a 90 seconds time limit.
							b) Teams would be given technical terms. One person would enact as many words possible within the time limit and others would guess the words.
							c) A person cannot pick up another chit until and unless the guessing members have guessed it correctly.
							2.    Company/App/Software/logos) Time limit for the second round is 60 sec.
							b) The enacting team member has to identify the company or application logo and other team members will guess.
							3.    Question round      
							a) time limit- 60 seconds.
							b) Each team will be given a question. The enacting person has to enact the answer to the given question.

●	A team of 2-4 members .
●	One team member will act once . No member is allowed to act twice.
●	Pointing to any object/person is not allowed.
●	Lip sync is not allowed.
●	The person will be allowed to pick up the chit after the timer starts.


Binging Bad



							Hello there! Are you a fanboy/girl? Is binge-watching your hobby? Do you spend hours glued to your mobile screens just to see what happens next in a TV Series? If yes, then you have come to the right place! “Binging Bad” tests how closely do you watch a series and what all do you remember about it. Put your knowledge to test.




							A presentation will be shown to all the teams where each slide will consist of a question and the participants have to answer it respectively. A question shall be answered within a time span of 40 seconds. No question will be repeated.

							The qualifying teams will go through 4 rounds namely:

							•	Infinite bounce round – Each team will be asked a series of questions and they can pass those questions to other teams which they fail to answer. Points will be given accordingly.
							•	Buzzer round – A question will be asked to all the teams and whichever team hits the buzzer first shall be liable to answer it. There will be no passing of the questions.
							•	Who said to whom? - Each team will be told 2-3 famous lines of a particular series and they have to name the characters involved. There will be no passing of the questions.
							•	Mute round - Each team will be shown a video clip where they have to figure out the dialogue the character is delivering. There will be no passing of the questions.

							•	The participants can take part individually or as a team of two.
							•	There is no negative marking.
							•	The team with the maximum points will be considered as the winner. In case of a tie, there shall be a tie-breaker round.
                            The quiz shall be based on the following 5 tv series only
Big bang theory
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
Stranger Things


Google Cloud Study Jam


							Join us for the Cloud Study Jam and learn the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform, how to run machine learning on it and how to use the platform for data engineering. Attendees get free access to labs credits($70+ value) valid for a month and an opportunity to work on projects with our organization Eduwaive Foundation in spreading social good through Data Science & AI.

							After attending the on-site courses of the Cloud Study Jams, you will be able to:
-Learn how to set up development and production environments in the cloud.
-Learn how Docker and Kubernetes work, or how to process Big Data in the cloud.
-Get access codes to, a Google training tool.

The session includes basic workshops, practical quests, case studies, projects and Q&As.
The objective of the Study Jams is to increase the technical competence of the members of our community through face-to-face courses.

Along with this, a member of our team Shubham Grover will also be presenting a demo on his project Patent Data Extraction.

Please make sure to bring your laptops and chargers since this will be a totally hands-on event.

#CloudStudyJams #eduwaivefoundation #aiforall #GCP #DataScience #machinelearning #cloudcomputing


Lord of the Memes


							Escape a family function? Yes
Escape a hurricane? Probably
Escape a troll? Impossible
Coz we live in a world where everyone everywhere everytime is getting trolled, we decided to make a sport out it.
So here is a call to all the meme lords out there, showcase your skills and troll our subject/technology and who knows you might get awarded as well as rewarded.
Envisage 2k19 presents
an online technical meme competition. 
Get the world to applaud your meme we will applaud you.