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Established in 1997, Institute of Informatics & Communication (IIC), University of Delhi, provides studies in the field of informatics, which is essentially a blend of three domains: networking, telecommunication and software. IIC offers degrees in Masters of Science (Informatics) and PhD (Research). Over the years, IIC has grown remarkably in its stature and accomplishments with a dedicated pursuit of excellence, academic integrity and accountability.


Providing a holistic approach, students are free to explore and further enhance the fields of networking, telecommunication and software with in-depth knowledge about data processing, programming languages and system analysis.

A mutual relationship is fostered between the faculty and students that allows the institute to move away from the conventional and includes not only classroom lectures but also tutorials, projects , assignments , seminars , presentations and ICT based learning. Masters of Science ( Informatics) in DU is the space where networking , telecommunication and software collate to enable its students to cater to the growing demands of the industry and to emerge as IIC-ians with a brand mark of their own.

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