Teaching Approach


IIC has a panel of visiting professors and guest teaching faculty, comprising of highly qualified, experienced and distinguished professional from industry and academics. IIC is equipped with air-conditioned software laboratory with latest computers, licensed software, digital electronics and communication laboratories.

The learning approach at IIC includes classroom lectures, tutorials, project assignment and internet access. The students are encouraged to develop their skills and acquire theoretical knowledge and practical training in electronics, telecommunication and computer hardware and software. To improve the communication skills of students and to increase their confidence, students are required to make presentations with the help of visual aids during the fortnightly seminar sessions.

The selection process to enter the postgraduate programme is rigorous and the number of seats is restricted for ensuring quality education. The institute provides an excellent environment for learning and innovation.

The faculty consists of: 

  • A core belonging to the Informatics Division and faculty members specialising in IT and related disciplines drawn from various Departments and Colleges of the University and

  • Experts invited from IT organisations and Industry for specific teaching programme.


On Campus

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: IT Management, Network Architecture and Application, Learning Technologies 


Visiting and Guest Faculty


Dr. M.K. Das

M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor (Retd.),

Specialisation in Modelling & Simulation

Mr. Rashim Pathak,

Comviva Technologies, Gurgaon 


Mr. Rajat Buddhiraja,

Aricent Group


Mr. Anil Kumar Jain

M.Tech (BITS), B.Tech (NIT)


Dr Sanjeev Singh

Dr. Sanjeev Singh

M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Network Fellow

EU-India Cross Cultural Innovation Network and Commonwealth Partnership

for Technology Management, London

E-mail : sanjeev@south.du.ac.in