Linux Lab

In the very first year of degree, students are made to work on linux environment. The lab is equipped with the latest high-end workstations (Linux OS). With systems with AMD Quad Core processors(HT), interconnected in a 100 Mbps network. Dedicated Internet connectivity is provided through National Knowledge Network(NKN). The lab is made inside a Bamboo Hut, dedicated specially to First Year Students of IIC. It is maintained by the students themselves and is interconnected to Communication\ Microprocessors Lab thus allowing easy access and perfect exchange of resources.


Macintosh Lab


Keeping up its pioneering spirit, the full-fledged Macintosh Lab with latest live servers makes a long story short by making IIC among the best institutes in terms of technology and resources. The Macintosh Lab is designed in such a way that it doubles up as a discussion room for the students where they hold numerous live projects. Equipped with projectors and LED’s for better presentation, it makes a perfect room for teaching and research. The placement of Networking Lab right above IIC’s Mac lab leaves no room for students to test their abilities and take wide projects with multiple technology requirements and work on real time projects as well.